A Las Vegas Local’s Travel Guide to the City

The glitter and glamour of Las Vegas never cease to entice its visitor, it could be a gaming aficionado or perhaps a shopaholic who digs for designer labels. With all the resort city’s strip of luxurious hotels, casinos, clubs, and shopping centers, the entertainment it offers is endless.

But while deciding where and when to visit within a very first time visit could be a challenge, there is nothing better than knowing how to take pleasure from the world’s gaming capital -or any travel destination-the easiest way however with the help of its locals.

Our staff chats with A. a digital designer at the forefront of 
Creatives A. has been living in Las Vegas for about six years. Though the city seems vast for the majority of travelers, he tells us it is not as big as it seems. “Good marketing and not knowing the area pretty well makes most tourists think that this is a big place,” he says. “You can travel from one end to another in less than an hour with traffic.”

Admittedly a party goer throughout his teen days, A. shares some of the coolest party spots, the most delectable cuisines, and also the best time for you to get around town.

Easeglobe: What should a first-time traveler have a look at first when he comes to Las Vegas?

A: I think it depends on what you come here for. The very first thing most people visit after they get to their hotels is the casino floor. You know, gamble a little, then perhaps go outside and walk on Las Vegas Blvd. This boulevard houses pretty much all the entertainment within the city. Once outside this boulevard Las Vegas is nothing but a regular city. But the boulevard is quite big so don’t get misguided! Also most girls prefer to check out the famous 
Fashion mall, you know, shopping. There’s also this huge variety of shows managed by companies like Cirque du Soleil, shows like KA & Zumanity.

Easeglobe: What cafes, restaurants, and dance clubs would you recommend for those who visit Las Vegas?

A: BOA is among my favorite steakhouses, the place is trendy and full of variety, dress code is usually very uptight, however some of us regularly visit with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on. An evening meal might go for about $50 to $60 dollars, basically [includes] all of the meat you can eat and salad bar. This doesn't include any drinks. High-end vino is also part of the variety around the menus; It's perfect to have some good wine, if you are on a meeting or just having a date with your girl, you know. Although I generally prefer beer if is just me.

I could also recommend Fogo de Chao, this place is a bit newer but is also very trendy. The place is a Brazilian steak house with all varieties of meat. Personally, I prefer the seasoning here than that of other steakhouses in Vegas. I go to restaurants on a regular basis since I meet with clients and partners all the time and these are good places to talk. But to be honest, I usually look more at the place itself than whatever is on the menu since I have a fascination for aesthetics. Some of these places are just nicely put together.




As for nightclubs, I guess I could recommend Marquee at City Center and Bond Bar also at City Center. Those are pretty nice places, but just like everything in Vegas you will be charged for the experience, so you better have your wallets ready.




Easeglobe: How is the traffic situation in the city?

A: The city doesn't get congested with traffic, as it’s not that big of a city. Most people get around driving. Tourists are among the people who usually use the limo services and taxis.
I have been in cities like Mexico City and believe me when I say 
Mexico City is ground zero when it comes to traffic. We also have an excellent infrastructure in the city, freeways and all. It is indeed a very modern city so that helps with the flow as well.

How is the climate in the city?

A: The climate here is just extreme, in summer time temperatures go over 110 Fahrenheit degrees, extremely dry weather or extremely humid. The pools in the hotels are so many that, believe it or not, they raise the humidity levels. But even with that people here love to stay under the sun at the pools and get all of that love from the radiation. It helps them get their tan [the say]. Winter is just cold, not so cold but cold enough to be uncomfortable; we probably reach the minus 0s.



EaseglobeBut can anyone visit Las Vegas at any time of the year?

A: Yes of course! anytime of the year. Although during September all the way to January the city experiences a low level of visitors due to the season, but [for] the rest of the year, is pretty much tourists all the way.

Believe it or not, Vegas is extremely hard to live in. For vacations is the perfect spot. I recommend it for vacations!